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Buy real estate for rent in Kyiv, Ukraine

Let E&A Partners help you with selecting, buying, renovating and renting out your property

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We are financially motivated.

Your revenue increases our compensation, therefore we are directly incentivized to help you buy a property with:

Maximum income
Minimal vacancy period
Minimal risks

We can help you buy any type of project:

Ready-to-go property for rent

We own profitable properties that we renovated and leased longterm. Buy one with annual profitability expected around 9-12%.

Unrenovated property for rent

We help you select a property to buy, then renovate and lease it. Profitability is expected between 16-25% per annum.

Fix-and-flip property

Similar to the previous option, except after renovation the property is sold. It is the most profitable at around 40-70%.

Our services cover all bases.

We help you select and purchase the most profitable real estate while overseeing all the crucial stages:

Definition of your investment goals and basic restrictions


Area selection


Search for suitable properties


Property inspection, evaluation of its condition


Key performance indicators calculations: profitability, ROI, cost estimates, etc.




LDD, supervision of the sales contract signing


The purchase process usually takes between 2-10 weeks but depends on the current state of the market and investor’s expected profitability of the project.

How much does it cost.

Layer 1 3%

of the property's purchase price

This is a standard broker fee for real estate purchase in Ukraine. However, we provide better service and more benefits for the same compensation.

Why choosing us is better for you.

You can take one of the two options when selecting a company to buy a property for rent:


Brokers' motivation and goals do not match yours.

They are not interested in finding the best investment opportunity for you. They are incentivized to sell you a property at a higher price, as fast as possible and with minimal efforts

Brokers do not offer all available options on the market.

If the broker can't personally make their commission on a suitable property, he may not offer it to you.

Brokers can hide or ignore some technical or legal risks to close the deal.

Their responsibilities end as soon as you sign the papers, and you get to deal with any arising issues on your own.

Broker services may cost up to 5% of the purchase price.

E&A Partners

Financially motivated to find the best investment for you.
Estimate the profitability and liquidity of the property.
Spot possible renovation risks.
Analyze risks that may arise during subsequent property management
Supply a comparison table of suitable properties.
Lead you through the process of property search, selection and purchase.
Provide access to some exclusive options.
Save your time by taking over all of the real estate investment stages.

The process of property purchase will take 3-4 hours of your time in total.

Request the best offer for you.