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Property management in Kyiv, Ukraine

E&A Partners provides completely passive income for you

  |  Property management in Kyiv, Ukraine

What property management services do we offer.

We cover all stages of commercial property management and maintenance:

Move-in process


Rent collection


Financial management


Accounting and utility bills payment


Emergency situations handling (i.e. fires, floods etc.)


Minor property repairs


Minor emerging issues handling


Communication and conflict management with neighbors


Solving problems with utility organizations, government departments and communal services


Handling communication with insurance companies in case of insured losses


Handling communications with the tenant


Eviction of unreliable tenants


Move-out process


Handling cleaning services


Our professional team is always available

How much does it cost.

Layer 1 10%

of monthly rental income*

* The minimal cost of property management is $100 per month. If you have more than three properties, we are happy to offer you a personal discount. Contact us for more details.

Why choosing us is better for you.

You can take one of the two options when selecting a company to manage your rental property:

Other property management firms

Their service fee costs the same 10% of monthly rental income.

This is a standard fee for property management in Kyiv.

Their services usually do not include solving any arising irregular issues.

Dealing with housing services (ZhEK), housing cooperatives (OSBB), government agencies and utilities providers are charged extra.

E&A Partners

Completely passive income for you

Our rental management team takes care of all arising problems and handles all communications on behalf of the owner. You will get involved only in very specific cases that require your approval.

24/7 service

Our support team is always in standby mode and upon request immediately starts looking for solutions.

Domain experience

We know how to avoid the common mistakes that could cost inexperienced owners a lot of time and money.

Extensive expertise in solving irregular or unusual issues

We know how to manage any problems with housing services (ZhEK), housing cooperatives (OSBB), government agencies and utilities providers in Ukraine.

Extensive experience in solving non-standard issues.

ZHEKs, OSBB, government departments, utilities, etc.


Commercial properties in direct management


Resolved tasks in 2023


Hours saved for investors in 2023

Order professional property management service.