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Real estate renovation for rental business in Kyiv, Ukraine

E&A Partners handles all phases of property renovation

  |  Real estate renovation for rental business in Kyiv, Ukraine

We are financially motivated.

We are incentivized to finish your property renovation:

As fast as possible
With increased profitability
With minimal risks

What rental property renovation services do we offer.

We manage all the crucial stages of property renovation:

Preliminary preparations
Layout and design
Contractors selection and supervision
Materials selection, purchase and inventory
Project management
Quality control
Solving arising irregular issues

with government departments, utility organizations, housing and communal services

Managing cleaning services
Pre-lease staging

Preparations for viewings by possible tenants

Benefits of working with us.

The costs of our renovations are much lower than the average prices in Ukraine due to our extensive experience in the field of renovations for rentals and our focus on real estate profitability.

Commercial real estate = $240-350/m². Residential property = $350-550/m²

We finish each renovation project in less than 4 months.*

* – exception: complex projects or projects with premises' area over 350m².

You receive a 5-month warranty on the renovated property that starts only after a new tenant is found.

During this period we provide broker assistance and property management free of charge.

We work predominantly with real estate for rental business.

This way we can focus all our efforts on getting the highest ROI, as well as delivering the renovation with minimal costs while maintaining quality sufficient for long-term utilization of the premises. You can contact us if you are looking for individual office or apartment renovation: we can take the project ourselves or connect you with reliable contractors.

How much does it cost.

Our compensation equals the sum of

5 months of rent

and is paid only after the property is leased.

No hidden fees or commissions: our compensation is paid only when you start getting income from your renovated property.


You own or are buying an unrenovated 200m² property to rent to a business. We renovate the premises at $300/m² (which is below market prices), meaning your total cost of renovation on rental property is $60,000. When the project is finished, we lease it for $4,000 monthly. After the tenant pays you the first month’s rent, you compensate us the sum of 5 months’ rent, which is 5 x $4,000 = $20,000.
As a result, you obtain a fully finished rental-friendly renovation for business in Ukraine. This package includes the design and completed renovation of the premises, initial lease arrangements, and a 5-month warranty and property management. All of these services are available for just $80,000 which amounts to $400/m² ($300/m² for the renovation and $100/m² for our fee), which matches the typical expense just for a basic renovation in the Kyiv real estate market.

Why choosing us is better for you.

You can take one of the two options when selecting a company to renovate a property for rent:

Renovation companies

Their motivation and goals do not match yours.

You want to make the highest return on investment. They are incentivized to increase renovation costs.

They do not include the designer, photographer and broker services, necessary to lease the property, nor post-renovation property management.

The average market price for these additional services is at least $40/m².

Lead contractor services are not included in renovation fees.

The market price is 15-25% of the total renovation cost.

Usually, you still need to handle some tasks on your own.

They do not handle communication with neighbors, housing cooperatives, get permissions from governmental offices, etc.

E&A Partners

We are financially motivated to complete the renovation as fast as possible and lease the property with the maximum profitability.

Our fee is paid only after the property is leased, and depends on the cost of rent.

Your participation is minimal.

We take care of everything and require your approval only on the most crucial decisions.

We take responsibility over the whole process.

From analyzing the market and possible risks to designing the renovated premises, from hiring contractors and buying materials to inspecting the finished renovation, from finding tenants to providing property management.

Our cost of renovation is below market average.

We deliver renovations for $240-350/m², others – $350-450 $/m².

Order calculation of renovation costs for your rental property.