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Renting out real estate in Kyiv, Ukraine

E&A Partners leases your commercial or residential property for you.

  |  Renting out real estate in Kyiv, Ukraine

We are financially motivated.

Your revenue increases our compensation, therefore we are directly incentivized to help you lease the property with:

Maximum income
Minimal vacancy period
Minimal risks

What services do we offer

We take all the necessary steps to rent out your property with the most profit, including:

Analyzing the property's condition and determining its market rent price

Determining other lease conditions

Organizing repair and renovation works to increase profitability, if necessary

Renovation costs are evaluated and paid for separately

Staging the property

Preparing your property for viewings by potential tenants

Taking professional photos of the property


Processing the applicants and holding the viewings

Managing negotiations, approval, and signing of the lease contract with the tenant

Organizing the tenant move-in process

Why choosing us is better for you.

You can take one of the two options when selecting a company to lease out your commercial property:


Brokers are not motivated to find a reliable non-problematic tenant.

They care about leasing the property as soon as possible to the highest bidder rather than a good tenant.

Brokers are indifferent to the nuances or unique conditions of your property.

If the premises don't fit the tenant's expectations, this may lead to additional expenses and potential conflicts.

Broker's services cost between 50-100% of the one-month rent price in the Kyiv real estate market.

E&A Partners

We are financially motivated to rent out your office, apartment or other type of property both to a reliable tenant and at the highest price possible.

We possess extensive experience in real estate management, which enables us to differentiate between a reliable tenant and a risky one.

We offer a 3-months warranty period.

Throughout this period, if a tenant moves out, we will find another one free of charge.

Your participation is minimal.

You are expected to spend a maximum of 2 hours on the entire process of renting out a property, we take care of everything.

We offer additional solutions on how to increase the profitability of the property.

We can carry out some minor repairs, stage the property for additional appeal etc.

We provide access to exclusive marketing channels with potential tenants.

Over the years of working in the industry, we have accumulated an extensive network of diverse channels, enabling us to find the best fit for your property.

How much does it cost.

The fee for leasing your property depends on the level of our cooperation.

Our fee for a one-time leasing of a single property is

Layer 1 50%

of the one-month rent price.

In case you choose our property renovation service, we will lease your property

free of charge.

Moreover, we will add a 5-month warranty period, during which we guarantee leasing and property management for free.

Order our broker services for your property.