|    |  Office space on B. Khmelnytskoho St

Office space on B. Khmelnytskoho St.

The office is located in a more than 100 years old building in Kyiv downtown. It occupies the entire second floor of a commercial building.

The renovation is done in the Loft style. In the design, we used old bricks, natural stone, metal elements and a lot of natural wood.

Target audience – IT companies, creative agencies and agricultural companies.

Project execution period – 3.5 months.

This office renovation turned out with an above average budget due to the fact that this building is more than 100 years old. Demolishing took longer and was more expensive than usual and after demolishing some problems with the floor and supporting structures were revealed that had to be solved before starting the renovation. Also to increase the attractiveness of the office, we decided to reconstruct the main entrance area of the building.

This office was rented by an IT company for a long-term lease during the quarantine period, 2 weeks before we completed the renovation. 

The net payback for the investor is 5 years.

At the moment this property is managed by the E&A Partners team, which ensures absolutely passive income for the investor.

325 m²
Annual return: 18,1%
Capital appreciation: +51%, based on cap rate of 12%

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