|    |  Office on Lvivska Square

Office on Lvivska Square.

Located in a Soviet-era building in the heart of Kyiv, this office space attracts tenants with its panoramic windows overlooking Lvivska Square.

We chose to renovate the space using the Loft style, leaving original concrete load-bearing structures while adding some natural wood elements as well as providing a microcrete conference table.

This renovation took 1.5 months and was targeted at IT companies, creative agencies, and agricultural enterprises.

This project’s renovation is the most cost-effective one in our current portfolio since we decided to utilize its existing structural elements and minimize any extensive dismantling.

We took down most inner walls to increase floor area and maximize the panoramic effect of the windows. We substituted a few window frames and reconstructed the floors. It was also concluded that significant upgrades in the bathroom and kitchen areas were unnecessary.

We secured a long-term lease of this space two weeks prior to completing the renovations with an agricultural company. Subsequent tenant changes also went with zero vacancy periods. The net payback for this property’s investors equals 5 years. Currently, the space is under E&A Partners’ management meaning it brings its investors completely passive income.

160 m²
Annual return: 19,5%
Capital appreciation: +64%, based on cap rate of 12%

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