|    |  Office on Ivan Franko street

Office on Ivan Franko St.

The office is located in the 100 years old building in Kyiv downtown. The 2-level office occupies the top floor with a view on the park.

Renovation is done in the Industrial style. In the design we used an old royal brick, a high slanting roof and many metal structures.

Target audience – IT companies, creative agencies and agricultural companies.

Project execution period: 2.5 months.

This office renovation turned out to be very cheap because we managed to reuse a lot of the old structural elements. We have preserved the windows, floor screed, some walls and decorative elements. This allowed us to significantly reduce the project budget.

This office was rented by an IT company for a long-term lease, 3 weeks before we completed the renovation. 

The net payback for the investor: 4.5 years.

At the moment this property is managed by the E&A Partners team, which ensures absolutely passive income for the investor.

325 m²
Annual return: 22%
Capital appreciation: +83%, based on cap rate of 12%

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