|    |  Office on Bekhterevsky Ln

Office on Bekhterevsky Ln.

The office is located in a regular real estate building in Kyiv downtown.

The renovation is done in the Loft style. In the design we used bright colors, natural stone, plants and natural wood.

Target audience – IT companies, creative agencies and agricultural companies.

Project execution period – 4 months

This office is situated on the 1 and 2 floors. 

This office was rented by 2 IT companies for a long-term lease during the war period, 5 weeks after we completed the renovation. 

The net payback for the investor is 13 years.

At the moment this property is managed by the E&A Partners team, which ensures absolutely passive income for the investor.

788 m²
Annual return: 7,6%
Capital appreciation: -24%, based on cap rate of 10%

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