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Smart apartments near metro station Vokzalna.

2-room apartment in a Soviet house near Vokzalnaya metro station, the total area of which is 45 m². Re-planned into 3 separate, fully autonomous apartments of 14 m² each.

The renovation is done in a minimalistic style.

Target audience – single, young people who come home only to take a shower and to sleep.

Project execution period: 3 months

Renovation of the apartment took longer than usual. We had to completely redesign the apartment, make all the utility systems, new creed and as an additional obstacle, a maximum of 3 people could work at this property at the same time. But we managed to create a completely autonomous and very comfortable apartment for one person, with its own bathroom, shower, kitchen, large wardrobe and a double bed.

All three apartments were rented out in long-term lease 1 week after the completion of the renovation and further change of tenant took place within 1-2 weeks. 

The net payback for the investor: 5 years.

At the moment this property is managed by the E&A Partners team, which ensures absolutely passive income for the investor.

14 m² (each apartment)
Annual return: 20.3%
Capital appreciation: +66%, based on cap rate of 12%

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