|    |  Office on Poznyaki district

Office on Poznyaki district.

Office is done in a penthouse on the last two levels of a 24-storey building in a residential area of Kyiv with a good view on the right bank of Dnipro river.

Renovation is done in Loft style. In the design, we have partially retained the concrete supporting structures and the concrete ceiling in order to give more space and style to the office. We have zoned the open space with hollow concrete blocks, and the kitchen is made of natural wood. We also divided this property into 2 separate offices with different entrances, due to the high demand for smaller offices in this location.

Target audience – IT companies, creative agencies and agricultural companies.

Project execution period: 2.5 months.

This office renovation turned out to be very cheap because we managed to reuse a lot of the old renovation elements. We have preserved the windows, floor screed, most of the walls and utility systems. We also knew that the location of this office would not allow us to lease this office at a high price, so we omitted the use of expensive materials and additional decorative elements. This allowed us to significantly reduce the project budget.

One of the offices was rented by an IT company for a long-term lease during the quarantine period only 3 weeks after we completed the renovation. The second office stayed vacant for 2.5 months before being rented, also during the quarantine period. This project once again has proved to us that location is crucial for commercial real estate. 

The net payback for the investor: 6.4 years.

At the moment this property is managed by the E&A Partners team, which ensures absolutely passive income for the investor.

270 m²
Annual return: 15,9%
Capital appreciation: +28%, based on cap rate of 12%

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